Lost Your Luggage? Better Check Alabama!

Although it doesn't happen often (Yeah, right), sometimes luggage gets lost at airports.  Estimates are that about .05% of bags don't make it onto the carousel.  Airlines make every effort to contact the owner and re-unite them with their bag, but what happens to bags that go unclaimed?


Turns out, those bags go to ONE PLACE - the Unclaimed Baggage Store, in Scottsboro, Alabama.  And it's pretty much the GREATEST THRIFT STORE ever.

According to their website, merchandise only ends up at the store after the airline has made multiple attempts to contact an owner and/or paid claims on the lost bags.  At that point, the bags are loaded up on a truck and shipped to Alabama, where the Unclaimed Baggage Store identifies, categorizes, washes, and re-sells the items.

Unsurprisingly, most of the items they receive are clothes (duh)

Cliff Bennett

Cliff Bennett

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