How Long to Dunk an Oreo? NOW WE KNOW!

 Scientists have finally figured out how long you should dunk an Oreo in milk. The answer comes to us from researchers at Utah State University’s Splash Lab. The Splash Lab folks study liquids. The team was casually eating milk and cookies when they began arguing about the best dunking time. Obviously, science had to step in, and an experiment was born. For two weeks, they began dipping all sorts of cookies in milk and seeing how it absorbs liquid, and how long it takes to get to full capacity.

… They found that Oreos absorb 50 percent of fluids after just one second, and it took four seconds to get to maximum absorption. After five seconds, Oreos can get soggy.

So there you have it: soak your Oreos for four seconds.


Cliff Bennett

Cliff Bennett

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