Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule dropped by Q104.3 New York for an interview with Ken Dashow and an exclusive Live at 5 performance of some new music.

Haynes talked about Gov't Mule's new album, Revolution Come...Revolution Go, due out June 9, and the band's emphasis on celebrating its classic rock influences. But first, Haynes addressed the tragic passing of his good friend, jam band legend Col. Bruce Hampton.

"We were devastated," Haynes says of Hampton, who died on stage during the encore of a concert celebrating his 70th birthday. "There were 30 or 40 of us who were all on stage for the finale...We were honoring him and his music, and all his favorite people were there -- there was 5,000 people [in the audience], sold out. 

"It was the most amazing night of music," he continued, beginning to choke up. "Four hours, and at the very end of the night, he just laid down on stage and he was done."

Haynes addressed Mule's predilection to paying tribute to its classic rock heroes during its live shows. Beyond having been in The Allman Brothers Band and in The Dead, Haynes always finds a way to work a tribute into his Gov't Mule shows.

Of course the band loves the music of the artists it covers, but Haynes says when they look around at Mule's younger generation of fans, they feel an obligation to share some of their inspiration.

"Why do you guys do [Traffic's] 'Low Spark of High Heeled Boys?'" Haynes asks, echoing a question that's often asked of him. His answer? 

"'Well, because a big portion of our audience has never heard it and they really need to.'"

Haynes performed "Dreams and Songs" and "Travling Tune" from the new album.

Watch the full interview and performance above!

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