While "Crazy Train" is a staple of live sporting events and heavy metal playlists, you can't go to a wedding, least of all one in September, without hearing "September."

Apparently the two songs go together about as well as rock...and roll!

That's the lesson from this recent YouTube mashup of Ozzy Osbourne and Earth, Wind & Fire's biggest respective hits.

Not only did YouTube user DJ Cummerbund beautifully mash-up the two songs, he seamlessly edited together music videos for each (and included some unrelated silly clips).

And let's give him extra credit for inserting those Earth Wind & Fire-style backup vocals for a little extra authenticity.

While the track is mostly made up of the instrumental portion of "September," DJ Cummerbund made sure to include Randy Rhoads' legendary "Crazy Train" guitar solo.

Check it out above!

Photo: Getty Images